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Gregori Blackfang by LarkaNightShade Gregori Blackfang :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 5 1 Loticus Crocodylus by LarkaNightShade Loticus Crocodylus :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 4 2 Anubis Fumi for offers by LarkaNightShade Anubis Fumi for offers :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 4 19 Rogue by LarkaNightShade Rogue :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 2 4 Blue moon by LarkaNightShade Blue moon :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 7 0
Sophia and Hikaru part 3 last
Slowly Hikaru was coming back to his senses. He felt like he was flying briefly until he hit the ground hard, jolting him back from his raging hunger. His side and shoulder still stung but the bleeding had stopped and it looked mostly healed. He didn’t remember drinking, but not remembering was a side effect of rage thirst. Hikaru’s ear twitched and he quickly dodged the arrow that then hit the ground and disappeared. He then turned to his right and immediately froze in fear. Sophia… he thought as he stared at the big Black wolf in front of him. It looked exactly like her except now she was bigger than him and her weapon was gone. In horror he watched as the arrow that just disappeared, reappeared next to her with the other three.
Sophia moved her head down low and let out a fierce snarl and Hikaru saw it. Blood stained her fur and he realized what he had done but there was no time to feel guilty as all four arrows flew at him. He ran but one struck him in th
:iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 0 2
Sophia's Bezerk! The Black Wolf by LarkaNightShade Sophia's Bezerk! The Black Wolf :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 0 0 Embry by LarkaNightShade Embry :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 4 0 Grey by LarkaNightShade Grey :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 2 0
Mature content
Sophia and Hikaru part 2 :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 0 0
It snowed!! by LarkaNightShade It snowed!! :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 1 0
Sophia and Hikaru short part 1/2
“Sophia wait!”
The wolf growled and turned sharply on the half breed that followed her. Hikaru meant well yes, but he was from rival territory and had the blood of the rival pack. Not to mention he was a half vampire.
Catching her glare Hikaru stopped and sighed, “You don’t want to go after him, he could kill you.”
Sophie snarled, “I don’t care! I have NOTHING to lose! If he is even slightly responsible for killing my clan than I will die for revenge.” In a lower growl she said, “And if you get in my way, I won’t hesitate to put an arrow through your heart.”
Hikaru watched the silver, black fanged wolf, turn away from him, her imp holding onto her scruff as he sat on her back. Sophia held her bow and arrow as they ran, she woke up and practically had it ready to fire…
Standing here with her now, under the light of the full moon, she looked so beautiful and so very powerful at the same time. He knew she was right th
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Tigra by LarkaNightShade Tigra :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 2 0 Sophia Blackfang/Silvatar by LarkaNightShade Sophia Blackfang/Silvatar :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 0 0
Winter ball invites, PROMPT FOR SCRAPS
As the snow slowly started to fall from the sky and coat the dead forest with a beautiful blanket of white, a kintaur with a glistening red horn smiled. "It's time. Taiga!"
From behind the red kin came a dark spinotaur with silver-blue streaks and scars across his body. He was quite tall and menacing for one with royal blood.
"Yes your grace?"
Taiga, though he liked Zayn, didn't really like the fact that he is reckless. He knows what the red Unicorn wants and thinks it's foolish, but he will not give up his nice home on disobiediance. Taiga fairs more a chance at a fight least that's what he thinks.
Zayn turned to him, eyes a little lost while his mouth curves into a frown. "Get Sai ready to send those invitations, we will have our winter ball! I'd love to see all who come."
Sai, a draco stryx, was used as their delivery bird, but Zayn was fasinated with him. Taiga wasn't but he was more of an underwater creature anyways. Taiga bowed and left, setting Sai up and on his way.
:iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 0 1
Anu by LarkaNightShade Anu :iconlarkanightshade:LarkaNightShade 1 0


Kn315 by KintaurSpirit Kn315 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 17 8 K378 by KintaurSpirit K378 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 15 23 Battlefield by Rexodus Battlefield :iconrexodus:Rexodus 14 0 Kamishiba-Hebra Gene: Activated genes introduction by Mad-Izoku Kamishiba-Hebra Gene: Activated genes introduction :iconmad-izoku:Mad-Izoku 63 67 CNY Kintaur Dog : Closed by geotalon CNY Kintaur Dog : Closed :icongeotalon:geotalon 79 37 AUCTION:Chinese Zodiac WaterDog Kamishiba- CLOSED by Mad-Izoku AUCTION:Chinese Zodiac WaterDog Kamishiba- CLOSED :iconmad-izoku:Mad-Izoku 40 72 Kn105 by KintaurSpirit Kn105 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 9 8 [Fumi custom] HodgePodge by Fumi-LEX [Fumi custom] HodgePodge :iconfumi-lex:Fumi-LEX 179 41 Kn316 by KintaurSpirit Kn316 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 14 1 { Stygian Guest Auction by Geotalon } OVER by Zoomutt { Stygian Guest Auction by Geotalon } OVER :iconzoomutt:Zoomutt 35 23 041 by ANGELB00K 041 :iconangelb00k:ANGELB00K 8 6 049 - Cerberus by ANGELB00K 049 - Cerberus :iconangelb00k:ANGELB00K 8 7 Giant Ray (MantaGrem FFA Auction) (CLOSED) by MrGremble Giant Ray (MantaGrem FFA Auction) (CLOSED) :iconmrgremble:MrGremble 281 63 Kn363 by KintaurSpirit Kn363 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 16 10
- EXP System ll Bust EXP
How to earn EXP
"experience points"
You can earn EXP in a couple of ways to reach goals.
1. Getting Art
2. Titles
3. Achievements
4. Prompts
5. Paths
6. Trials
EXP stays with the CHARACTER that is in the art. It stays with the character if traded or sold. You are to keep track of the EXP earned, staff will only double check the numbers, we will not do it for you. To track EXP, a tracker really helps!
1. Getting Art
This is a breakdown of art, it applies to commissioned, gift, and art you draw or write for yourself. These are all full bodies only! If you have a question regarding how much something would be, if not listed, please feel free to ask and we can add it!
Base 1 EXP for Sketches / LineartColoring = +1 EXPShading = +1 EXPBackground = +3 EXP
Official Companion = +1 EXPOfficial Imp = +1 EXP
Lined & Grayscaled Busts = 1 EXPColored & Shaded Busts = 2 EXP
Backgrounds must be apparent and detailed. This includes clear landscape, interiors, enviro
:iconprezothas:Prezothas 2 16
- Tracker Layout
ID: Please link to the archive deviation.
Alignment: Not Ready
Occupation: Unemployed
Weapon: Not Ready
Current EXP: 000
Skill: N/A
Power: N/A
Level: 1
HP: 100
You have 10 to apply to attack, speed, stealth, and defense as a base.

List trophies here!
Post here!
:iconprezothas:Prezothas 3 6



been playing monster hunter worlds for the past week now and i must say i get into character in this game and i love it <3 got the whole ogodaron set as its my fav right now cuz of the females mask looking like a muzzle and that hair <3
we have a squad or if anyone wants to be PSN friends my name is WhiteWolfDragon7 with wolf dragon being my playstation name and Larka being my IGN for monster hunter. Fenris is my palico XD but he is cute and wears the oni mask (We nicknamed the red monster Oni lol) if you send a request please comment here ^^ though optional <3
They are ready. Who wants to challenge my newly built team with no restrictions on? If you win I will trade you a shiny, hidden ability eevee ^^ that should hint at my team :P all on my team are level 100 just so you know. I worked all day yesterday and a few days prior on them ^^
Anubis Fumi for offers
Leaving so taking USD offers!

AHHHHH Lex made my custom so amazing!! <3 This is the Anubis Fumi! He has 4 Unique features that include: Duel vapor and glitter, Dog like features, has power to control spirits/souls sending them wherever he pleases <3 This fumi is my favorite ever <3

More info to come, im seriously worn out from today OTL 

Art/design/specie by Fumi-LEX 
character belongs to me <3
Name: Rogue Blackfang/Nightshade
Gender: Male
Rarity: uncommon fluff
Breedings: 8/8 cannot breed yet
personality: WIP
Bio: Born 

Art/designs by Rexodus 
Species by talon!!
Rogue belongs to me
Leaving CS. Just traded a cherub and sold a legendary kin...I think it is time I go
Will take payments but upfront will take priority

Loticus Crocodylus by LarkaNightShadeLoticus, Legendary Power/tail. 
Ryukotsusei the Dragon by LarkaNightShade Awaken the Dragon by LarkaNightShadeRyuko, Mythic Mortal Dragon
Larka Werekin by LarkaNightShadeLarka, First Werekin
Hikaru Nightshade by LarkaNightShade Hikaru, Half vampire
Narcissus by LarkaNightShadeNarcissus, SpinoxKin hybrid with powers

VR or below 
Fenris the Protector by LarkaNightShade Fenris, VR tail and ears, Spinotaur
Kemasi by LarkaNightShade Kemasi, VR snake tail
Raziel Blue by LarkaNightShadeRaziel, Rare horns
Babies by LarkaNightShadebabies, Rare, uncommon, Uncommon
Gregori Blackfang by LarkaNightShadeGregori, Common cutie (only few can get him from me)
Skye Nightshade by LarkaNightShadeSkye, Uncommon babe hard to get
Fenrir Nightshade by LarkaNightShadeFenrir, uncommon hard to get
Drogon by LarkaNightShadeDrogon, Uncommon Very hard
Rheagal by LarkaNightShadeRheagal, Very hard common


Seraphine Furia by LarkaNightShade Hellhound, $200 might haggle
Onyx by LarkaNightShadeGargoyle, $200 might haggle


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Artist | Student | Literature
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I am a 23 year old writer ^^
I love to write stories and I hope to share some with you soon of my characters :D

Art by HowlLXVIII


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